Hotel and Travel Marketing

Got a hotel, vacation rental, motel or bed and breakfast? While word of mouth and referrals are by far the best forms of marketing (they are free, after all), paid advertising and travel promotions are the most effective ways to get the ball rolling. Reaching audiences that are interested in traveling is a challenging endeavor, especially since many of your potential customers will be too transient for traditional name recognition and branding to take hold. But if you have an excellent business that serves travelers, vacationers and students and businesspeople staying abroad, there are a few key tools, strategies and resources that can help you connect with your target market.

Whether you run a small homestay operation or have vacation rentals up and down the coast, you can benefit from investing in a few marketing tools for hotels and travel. Instead of reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, there are a number of directories, organizations, booking services and travel agencies that can help leverage your marketing position. Our hotel and travel marketing directory aims to bring some of these resources to you.

In our hotel and travel marketing directory, you’ll find websites that are useful for travelers, small business owners and travel professionals alike. We hope these resources will help you learn more about hotel and travel marketing and perhaps save you money and build your profit base. Whether you’re looking to break into the travel industry or simply benefit from the travel industry, the more you learn, the more success you’ll have. So begin anywhere you like—there’s lots of information inside.

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