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The world is full of incredible experiences. Whether it is shooting pictures on safari in Africa, walking around the great pyramids in Egypt, or snorkeling in the waters of the Caribbean, vast opportunity is out there for the adventurous. Here is your first step: our Travel Guides and Directories section opens the world to you with resources for your journey. Trip experiences change depending on your situation; you may want to travel on your own, with a friend, or with your family. To suit your needs, our Travel Guides and Directories section offers websites that give reviews of entire regions and countries and the different things to do in each. Other sites we list may introduce you to inexpensive get-away opportunities right in your area. Either way, you never know when you will come across a travel experience you had not considered and that is a perfect fit. Once you have ideas in mind of where you would like to go, check out links to travel guides and directories that focus on specific locations. These websites can provide point-to-point travel advice to get the most from your visit (and avoid wasting time on stops that are not worth the effort). Plus, these websites may offer package travel trips that are less expensive than booking on your own, and often, they will provide discounts on services and sights along the way. We also help you find hotels, travel stops, and tour experiences. See it all in our Travel Guides and Directories section.

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