In our Whips and Performers directory, we collect links that connect you to whip demonstrations, both live and online. Modern-day whip performers show off their skills in small settings, such as street performances, as well as larger stages, such as county fairs. The power and accuracy of the whip is one of the reasons that it has been adapted for performance purposes. Another reason is its iconic appearance in popular film and television. The typical motif of a whip performer is that of a cowboy or cowgirl. This dates back to older, original uses of whips as ways to direct and drive cattle. Whip performers may demonstrate their skill in a variety of ways. They may target a very small object, such as a cigarette, and aim to cut it in half or to snatch it from the mouth of a willing assistant. The danger posed to the assistant in having the whip's tip pass so close to his or her face is part of the reason that audiences attend such feats. Similar tricks, such as whipping out candles, wrapping the whip around posts and rafters, and handling two whips in creative patterns, may also be part of the act. Today, cowboys are not the only ones performing with whips. These tools have been co-opted for demonstrations by alternative performers who put a sexy, seductive spin on a traditional art form. In either case, a host of practitioners still display their art for the entertainment of their audiences.

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