Travel Agents

Once upon a time, a travel agent was unequivocally the best resource for booking a vacation or business trip. From plane tickets to hotels and cultural excursions, travel agents helped you plan ahead and have everything lined up and booked advance for you by the time your trip rolled around. But with so many online airline and hotel booking websites, many travelers are choosing the do-it-yourself approach. For those who are diligent, knowledgeable, experienced and lucky, this can be pay off. But for the rest, a travel agent still makes sense.

For one, a travel agent is there for you if and when you hit a snag during your travels. If the rental agency runs out of cars, if the hotel is overbooked, if your flight is delayed and your luggage is lost, your agent can be your savior. Unlike a hotel or a car rental agency, a travel agent is invested in ensuring that you have an excellent trip—so they’ll go the extra mile to solve your problems. They can leverage their connections and pull some strings to save you in a pinch.

Travel agents also help you tailor your trip to the experience that you are looking for. Although you may have your heart set on Paris or Venice, a travel agent can give you solid advice on when to go and where to go to get the most out of your experience. They’ll ask questions about your needs and expectations and make informed recommendations about what will deliver the most value for you.

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