In this directory, we collect links to resources that allow picture ratings of parodies. There is an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That may be debatable when it comes to parodies, which resemble original works but which are intended to make fun of or to incite a reaction about that original. Parodies tend to be comical in nature. However, the humor may fall anywhere on the spectrum of laugh-out-loud slapstick to dark comedy. The best parodies serve as good entertainment while acting as a commentary on what they are mocking. In this way, they amuse the audience and also deliver a criticism that can influence the audience's view on the original. Modern-day parodies in film include Airplane!, Scary Movie, and Not Another Teen Movie. Each of these pokes fun at different genres of entertainment (disaster, horror, and romance, in order). In some cases, the humor is overt; the actors or images in the parody point specifically to the subject they are mocking and call out the elements that they are imitating. In other cases, the humor is more subtle. Familiar situations and scenes play out as the audience expects, but then, at the last moment, they take an unexpected turn that puts a humorous spin on the original. Picture ratings allow you as the audience to review the parody and to cast judgment on its effectiveness in achieving this goal. Our Parodies directory invites these types of contributions for you to review and rate.

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