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There are clear divisions within the nudist, or naturist community. Nudism and naturism began as a philosophy which promoted physical fitness, and later, a return to nature and a healthy approach to immodesty. At any rate, nudism’s roots are not based on eroticism or prurient interest. Many traditional nudists simply want to feel comfortable in a clothes-free environment, whether it’s sunbathing on a nude beach or spending time with family or friends unencumbered by clothing. Still, nudism and what it means to those who practice has evolved throughout the ages. Some nudists do enjoy the voyeuristic nature of participating in social activities in the nude and do use it as an outlet for meeting romantic interests.
Just like personal pages help you meet likeminded people for dates or other social activities, nudism personal pages are designed to help you get in touch with those who feel the same way about nudism as you. This can help you avoid situations where you might be expecting a family-friendly nudist resort but encounter a singles nudist environment. Nudism personal pages are also a great way for nudist couples to meet other couples who may be interested in exploring nudism. There are also nudists who have been pursuing nudism on their own, but want to relate to others who enjoy the liberation of being nude.
For more information on nudism, naturism and nudist personals and nudist resorts, you can read some of our nudism personal pages below. Our personal pages directory in the nudism category is an excellent place to begin searching for people who feel the same way as you about going nude.

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